I was sitting in my study feeling a bit unmotivated yesterday and then my phone rings and when I answered there were a pretty happy couple of mates on the other end. Conversation went a bit like this, hey mate hows things, back comes the reply hey guess what Dave just found , what, a bloody half sovereign, your $#%$%#$@ kidding, lots of laughter, awesome chatted for a bit longer and then hung up. As I sat there wanting with every ounce of my being to be there, it wasn’t long and my brain was in overdrive thinking of all the places there could be a sovereign around my way. So Monday comes around and its work flat out to free myself up for some old coin & relic hunting (hopefully a sovereign). I remembered a farmer that had given me permission to detect his old place but he wanted to be around the property for awhile to see what I do. A quick phone call and he told me today was good for him as he would be in and out all day as he had to move a heap of his sheep out from the yards. About half an hour later I was at the property and keen as mustard to get started, so I geared up pretty quickly, fired up my Etrac and started around an old shearing shed. There was target after target and after pulling about 20 bullet casings and some lead pieces I got a really different solid target, a quick dig and a nice 1939 – 1940 dog registration disc appeared. Then another handful of casings, some more lead and copper pieces was enough for now as it was doing my head in, so I moved around to the side of the shed and headed to where the original house was, some more trash and then I found a nice 1929 – 1930 dog registration disc.

That was all that I found there so I moved way over to the other side were their blacksmith shop was, again there was very little only a few more casings (boy someone liked their guns). There was an area behind here where the shearers old outhouse was and what looked like an old pair of forked sticks that could have had a clothesline strung between them, as I made my way around there I got an awesome signal that sounded like a coin for sure it was a solid 12:45 and not jumping around at all. I can’t get over how quickly the ground has dried out as it was really crumbly when I started to dig the target but I have to admit I was happy as a pig in mud, when a really nice Fisher Draper half penny token emerged and looked to be in good condition under all the dirt.


After savoring the moment I was back into it, with hopes again of maybe finding a   sovereign here somewhere as we were around the right era with an 1857 token. I had only moved about a couple of meters and another solid signal but this was way too loud and shallow so it had to be a relic of some kind. This wasn’t to be the case because as I had put my Lesche in quite shallow and popped out about 30 mm of dirt, there to my surprise was a nice chunky Cartwheel Penny. Sadly it wasn’t in that good a condition when I got home and cleaned it up but not many of them are given that they are over 200 years old.


Well no sovereign today but I know there is one out there somewhere with my name on it, happy hunting and coil to the soil.