Have been a bit slack lately on the silvers so I figured it was time to step things up a bit and get my to my 600th. So far I have found 589 and that leaves me 11 short, I think that I will hit a few good spots I know and hopefully crack the 600 mark. When I was out today I bumped into a fellow detectorist (Bob) who caught me at one of my silver spots, so we got chatting about the Etrac as he owns one. He told me that he had found heaps of pennies at the oval I was on, after talking for awhile he told me that he was still using the basic settings with a few slight changes. I showed him the difference on a target using the long setting and he was surprised at how much difference there was, I also told him that he could find the settings on this blog, so if you are reading this Bob hope it helps and happy hunting. The spot I was at has been heavily gone over but it is still producing a few silvers but they are mostly small iffy targets though.

There were a lot of brownies amongst these though as I probably dug around 60 today. I also found a Royal Australian Air Force Training Corps hat badge but I couldn’t find much information out about it, I will keep searching though. Happy hunting and stay positive.