I have been studying for exams this week and I was starting to get detecting withdrawals, so after 3 hours of intense exams what better than a trip to variety park. The test venue wasn’t far from the site so I have to admit it was hard to stay focused during the exam when I new that there was a serious few hours of fun coming my way. This park has been good to me and today was no exception with plenty of targets to keep me busy. Although the first few were all brown buggers it didn’t matter because it was only a matter of time and the pennies started to flow, with this I knew that there would soon be some silver showing up.

First silver today was a 1951 sixpence (that makes it 44 of that date), a few more coppers and then a 1922 threepence, not bad for the first half hour. Things got a bit slow for the next hour with no silver just plenty of various targets, including some Britannia pennies/halves. I moved to where I found the 1854 penny a couple of weeks ago to give it a really slow going over, which proved successful with my third target being an 1899 Victoria Shilling.

There were a few more silvers amongst the coppers  but I did find this strange looking silver thing, which turns out to be a stud that used to go on some of the old clothes to hold your collar down, commonly known as a collar pin.

Well with the all this weeks study I was getting a bit weary so I called it quits for the day and the other coins will have to wait for a few more days before I can get back to tackle them. Happy hunting and coil to the soil.