It was a beautiful day so I headed down to some of the old spots I have previously been over, the blacksmith’s shop and an old hay shed on a hill. The day started at the old hay shed with a 1910 dog tag, a couple of early English half pennies, a George IV 1825 – 1827 and George III 1806.

On the walk back to the car there was another spot where a house used to be with nothing left but a few trees to give any indication that it was ever there. It is hard to visualise sometimes that there were people actually living in that exact location, probably more than a 150 years ago and possibly even from the first fleets that arrived in South Australia. At this spot there were some good solid targets with another dog tag, this one was dated earlier from 1892 and a good find as they usually fetch (pardon the pun) good money on Ebay. I also found some Britannia pennies/halves ranging from 1865 – 1879 and that was about it from here so I decided to check another spot on the way home.

As I was driving to the next spot I noticed that the farmer had slashed the paddock where the old blacksmiths shop was and as I have found some nice relics, traders tokens and cricket belt buckles here it was an awesome opportunity to detect the areas I haven’t been able to get to. My first couple of targets where old buckles and it wasn’t until I got home and cleaned them up that I found one to be a cricket buckle. From there it was buttons, old watch pieces, harness buckles and other bits and pieces that always make for an interesting hunt.

On the top of the hill on the walk back there is a site much like the first spot that has only trees and a few bulbs as the only evidence of the house site, so with a few minutes to spare I decided to give it one of my quick, random once overs. I did find another Britannia penny and some old harness buckles and with knowing that I will leave that for my next trip, so happy hunting and stay positive.