Given that I had run out of dog registration discs, I decided to go back to the old tree where I have found quite a few to see if there were anymore. Since I have been over this spot fairly thoroughly with my NB settings and knowing that there is trash in the ground, I decided that it would be a great spot to hone my TTF (two tone ferrous) skills. Now before I explain these settings, I need to say that I did not discover these but I found them on another site and in the past I have really struggled with them. Today I decided to not change my pattern at all but simply change from multi tone to two tone and from conductive to ferrous and I will say it was a great thing to do as this spot was perfect to practice at. I was pleased when I found a couple of tags only about 150 to 200 mm from where I had pulled other Dog tags from a couple of weeks ago. There were also a few small relics that I had missed including some harness buckles which normally are unmistakeable when detecting that surprised me, so I am glad that I gave it a go and will definitely use it again. I will put a video together one day to show how it works and its effectiveness in ground with iron targets everywhere. I did go back to my normal settings (NBS) as soon as I was away from the iron that was masking targets and soon starting finding more dog tags away from the tree by an old shed about 50 mtrs away from the house. All up I found another 8 registration discs at this spot but no more coins.

What a great day out in the South Australian country side and even though it was a coin free day, I had a great time. Happy hunting, stay positive and remember research, research, research and when you are sick of it research some more. Coil to the soil.