Hi everyone sorry I haven’t posted for awhile but I have been busy putting something together for Minelab but I have had a couple of awesome hunts in between. Saturday the 10th I headed out to where I find a lot of my old 1800’s coins & relics to try a few different settings on the E-TRAC. I have always thought that there had to be more at this site because sometimes I think I can be a bit complacent (or lazy) when I am finding targets. I used to always have the thought that if it is working don’t change anything and this serves me well but, I now know that after you have gone over and over an area that it is possible to miss great finds. Just recently I have been experimenting with the TTF (two tone ferrous) settings because in the past I struggled with it, as with all things though if you give it time and persist it can pay off. I started by working really low and slow along a wire fence line and found that the E-TRAC was handling it even though I was within about 100 mm (4 inches) of the wire, then I got this semi solid signal that almost sounded like there was two targets in the ground as well as some junk. A quick dig turned up what was an old brass rivet that they used to join horse harness together about 5 mm (just under 1/4 of an inch) in size. After running the detector over the hole there was a more solid signal but this time it was deeper and a bit closer to the wire and for a minute I thought it may have been the wire but that gut instinct you get sometimes just pays off. I dug down and came across some old stones and rocks from the original store that used to be here in the mid 1800’s, after carefully levering these out of the way I seen a big old 1854 Victoria young head penny standing semi upright in the hole.

I continued to hunt in TTF for along the fence and over the junk but nothing else surfaced so I went back to my NB settings (no bull) and went really slowly like I do in trashy areas and the it wasn’t too long before the E-TRAC had locked on to a solid signal. It had a very similar Tone ID as the previous coin so I thought it was going to be anther one but that wasn’t to be, a bit of a dig amongst the rubble turned up a very rare traders token from the mid 1800’s. These tokens were used because of a shortage of currency in the early settling  of  Australia before they had decided on what the standard was going to be, the link below gives a brief history into the background of tokens.



I found some more small bits and pieces including some solid bits of molten lead before I moved to another site that I have been over to try my luck. The fact that there are such targets still in the ground leaves me with the thought that there still may be something valuable that is still there for another day. At the next site I was a bit surprised though when I found some coins from the 1900’s including a beautiful 1920 florin but it was in a different area to where I had found older coins & relics. Later that day when I caught up with the owner and told him about the finds and he said that would be correct because the house had been used up until the mid 1900’s. Ah local knowledge there is nothing like it, so now there is yet another area to search around one day.

Happy hunting, stay positive all and keep the coil to the soil.