A mate of mine’s son was getting engaged back in a town where we used to live, so I contacted a couple of the forum members who live around there to arrange a hunt. We arrived late Friday afternoon so it was decided to meet at first light Saturday morning at a location where they had both found some good pre decimal coins. I was as keen as, so by the time Wayne arrived I had already fired up the E-TRAC and found a few coins including a 1943 threepence and a half penny so things were looking promising. Wayne (alias Qujibo) and I introduced ourselves and talked for about 20 minutes before we got into it. The plan was to work this area over until Brian arrived and then we were going to go to where the original old dog pound used to be to see if we could find some registration discs. By the time Brian got there we were starting to find quite a few pre decimal coins so we decided to stay where we were as I only had until 11:00 o’clock before I had to go. I started working an area by the old war memorial were I pulled a couple more pennies & half pennies before concentrating along the edge of the park. My next target was screaming, dig me, dig me as I recovered a nice penny from only about 4 cm, then I ran the detector over the spot again only to find an awesome signal around the 1:49 – 1:50 mark and I thought it had to be a big silver. I called Wayne over to run his E-TRAC over the spot but to his and my surprise the target didn’t register, I thought that was strange and so I asked him, are you running my settings? He looked sheepishly at me and then the penny dropped, he was running in the stock coin mode. So I asked him if he would mind me adjusting a couple of things, he didn’t so I showed him how it is critical to remove the top right had discrimination corner of the stock pattern. The reason for this is that big silvers, some tokens and large early Victoria young head pennies register up there, after removing this section he waved the E-TRAC over the target again and wallah we had target response. He looked at me and I could almost hear the cogs ticking away thinking of all the coins he had left in the ground, but not all was lost because I said now think of all the spots you can go back over. I dug the target and again only about 4cm down there was a beautiful 1925 florin. We continued detecting for awhile but it was almost time for me to head off, we found some more pennies and halves, I then found another silver this time it was a 1946 shilling and thought that three silvers was pretty good, and it was great to have caught up with Wayne and Brian. We headed back to where we parked and when I pulled my finds out all my silvers were missing, I had dropped them when I pulled my phone out to answer it. This is when things got interesting, you could call it luck but I believe somethings are just meant to be. We all started searching around where I had been when I had answered my phone, a few minutes later I found them all laying on the surface, Brian said if he had found them he would have got his lost and found reward, funny guy. As I walked back towards the car swinging my detector (as you do just to find that one more coin before you go) I heard a target that sounded like a silver but it was a multiple tone, I just couldn’t walk away as I had that gut feel. I dug down about 5 inches with Wayne looking on and said wow another florin, Wayne had a look and said it was another 1925, I stuck the propointer in and there was a second target, another florin this time a 1942. Nice pocket spill I thought as I stood up to check for more targets, yep another signal this sounded like a 92.5% silver sixpence, so a quick dig a bit deeper and out pops a 1925 sixpence. I took about half a step and there was another target, yep another silver this time it was a 1942 shilling and it didn’t end there It topped things off when from right next to that hole a small silver heart from a bracelet emerged.

What away to finish a great day with a flurry of silvers and the final tally of seven silvers and to new friends. Happy hunting all and stay positive even when things seem to go bad it can always turn out better.