Over 90% of the coins from this oval have pre dated 1945 with some mid to late 1800’s silvers scattered amongst them, it is definitely one spot that I detect with great expectation. As I have hunted this site heavily and haven’t found much there lately, I decided to work on finding extra deep targets to see what I could come up with, first coin was a 1905 Britannia penny from about 9 inches down which was a great start. I had only moved about a meter when another high signal suggested to me that it could be a silver. With the penny being deep I was expecting that this coin would be deep also, at around 10 inches the propointer was signalling that it was close, I removed about another inch of dirt to reveal a nice 1921 threepence. It was certainly looking like one of those days when my next coin was a 1911 penny also from around 10 inches. Three coins and all over 9 inches deep in an area I have been over heaps this was amazing. It wasn’t long before I had one of those iffy signals that you just get a gut feel about after finding quite a few silvers, there is something about them. This one had an iron target quite close to it, but as I moved the coil just off the edge I could hear the whisper of a deep silver. This coin was no exception coming from around 10 inches as well, and with a small piece of copper wire underneath it in the hole, when I retested the hole all I could hear was the iron. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of finding these iffy targets amongst trash as it really hones your skills as a detectorists. I did find 10 coins and a few other bits of junk that were all deeper than 8 inches and some as deep as 12 – 13 inches.

This was my first 1940 florin and my 15th florin for the year, bringing my total to 61 silver coins. I have a section at the top of my home page that says Silver Coin Finds where I keep an update of any silvers I find. Happy hunting and stay positive.