Sunday sunshine at the bottomless pit what more can you ask for? Oh yeah it gets better, a leave pass from my lovely wife with the words attached at the end ” don’t hurry come back as late as you want” it just couldn’t get any better or could it? I drive up to the bottomless pit and get that feeling of anticipation of what the day has in store for me, as always I was not left wanting. This place has become something special to me with the amazing amount of coins, medals and jewelery that I have found, not to mention the big trees and heaps of bird life everywhere. The local magpies have become used to me throwing the grubs from the lawn to them that they brazenly sit only feet away waiting for their next free feed, one of them yesterday perched himself on my coil while I was digging a plug. Anyway back to the hunt my first target for the day was a sixpence which always makes for a good start, this was followed by a kangaroo penny. Then right on cue the brownies started to flow as one after another they started to wear me down, until out popped a nice 1942 threepence, that was silver number two for the day anything from here on would be a bonus. I fell back into a bit of  rut with more brown buggers until I decided to do around some trees that have been fairly consistent for a few small silvers. I wasn’t there for long when the sixpences started to flow, there were 2 1951 and a 1955 to match the one that I already had.

I continued finding more brown buggers until I couldn’t stand the site of them and I called it a day after racking up a total of 45 more coins making the overall tally 2777. You have got to love the pit because it just keeps coming up with the goods, what a great day. Happy hunting and be positive.