Headed out before the storms hit in Adelaide for a short hunt at a new site with only a pair of fig trees and an almond tree the only evidence that a house once stood here. The wind was howling up the gully and the ground was about an inch of powdered clay from where the cows have been sheltering under the trees so every hole I dug seen me sandblasted with grit. Bring on the rains so that it becomes a bit more enjoyable to detect and the ground will be easier to dig. I thought that I was going to find heaps when after about 2 minutes I had my first coin and it was an 1879 threepence, I love starting the day of with a silver coin. Not far from the fig tree I had an excellent high signal that was indicating either a big silver, a traders token  or Cartwheel penny , it turned out to be the latter even though at first when it came out of the ground I thought it was a washer. Someone back in the day had decided to be resourceful and use the unwanted coin for a washer, very clever of them but a bit disappointing for me. It is very worn but you can just make out George the III and a bit of Britannia as well. They where dated 1797 – 1799 and if you click on the link below it has more information.


The heavens were now starting to get dark and threatening so I only detected for about another half hour finding a few neat relics including a couple of buttons, double edged ring and the other has an axe on it. That was about it for the day so the rest will have to wait until another day, happy hunting and be positive you never know what your next swing will bring.