My day started with a quick detect with my dad, which all in all landed us some spending money and on my way home I stopped off at a park in an old area. I get excited whenever I pull up at an old park for the first time as there is the anticipation of what  treasures are about to be unearthed. These parks are often neglected or only surface hunted for modern coins and that suits me fine because I get to dig up all the old coins & relics which was the case today. It always makes me laugh when someone walks up and says “your too late there was already someone here the other day” while I already have some cool old relics and coins in my bag. Never be deterred when you hear that a place has been done because there is always something to be found. The first few coins were brown buggers (1 & 2 cent pieces) but that doesn’t bother me as it is usually a good sign that there could be pre decimal coins as well. Always look for the early date 1 & 2 cent pieces around 1966 to 1970 as that is usually where there is a concentration of earlier coins. I finally pulled a kangaroo penny then from right next to it came a nice 1916 shilling, it is always good to get a silver at a new spot, where there is one there is usually more. A flow of pennies and then I hit a hot spot where I found a 1954 Florin, a Rising Sun badge, South Australian Centenary medallion and a 1950 sixpence all within a couple of meters.

The Rising Sun badge history is at the below links.

The Centenary of South Australia medallion link is below.

As I was ending the hunt with plenty of park left to do I had a bit of an iffy signal that was being masked by some trash and to my surprise out popped an 1857 Victoria Young Head penny. This leaves me with some great expectations as I was only at the park for around 1 and a half hours and I cant wait to go back with the 8 inch FBS 800 coil from Minelab to sift between the trash. Happy haunting all and keep your coil to the soil.