Well even though I have been a bit slack on the silvers this year number 100 is coming up fast. I went to the bottomless pit yesterday and to my surprise another Florin (1938) but the signal was really odd with an 8:42 – 9:46 and really scratchy signal. Another sixpence amongst the usual handful of relentless brown buggers, I don’t mind because while there are still coins, they could well be silvers. So the overall coin tally so far is 2799 which is amazing!

I had a second hunt for decimal coins yesterday with my dad, although he had a slow start he came home with the wind in his sail, for a minute there I thought he may beat me but it was not to be. It was a great day detecting with him again, but I know he sure will rub it in when he does finally get more, being that he is just a little bit competitive to say the least. There were a lot of deep high targets there as well and I only dug a couple to check what they were, I was pleased to see a silver sixpence emerge amongst the few brown buggers, thats another site for a pre decimal hunt later. With the three silvers yesterday I now have 78 for the year and closing in on the 100. I can’t see myself having a year like 2011 but half of that would be great, so 300 look out. Coil to the soil and enjoy every swing because you you never know what the next target could be, that is what makes this hobby so enjoyable.