What can I say about the bottomless pit that hasn’t already been said, sometimes there are just no words. I went back again to see what may surface with some really slow gridding and everything cranked up to maximum. Typically the brownies started to flow but as I say if they are still there then there has to be more silvers somewhere and sure enough it was just a matter of time. The first silver was a one of four sixpences for the day all dated between 1951 – 1962, these are always harder to find as they are often an iffy signal. I thought I had a fifth but it was a small map of Tasmania badge from about 9 inches, pretty impressive. I did find a few decimal coins as well with a tally for the day of 25 coins for the day and the ever rising pit tally of  2824.

Happy hunting all, stay positive and may you all find a special place to detect all to yourself.