Had a great day back at the site where I found the gold Sovereign and heaps of really good quality old English silvers. As I have said before the site is literally littered with rusty remnants of the past that make it extremely difficult to detect but I was able to sniff out a couple of great silvers despite this. My E-TRAC was set to its usual audio response long making it easier to hear the squeal of a silver amongst the iron. Audio long actually allows you more time to hear what the detector is telling you is in the ground, so when you combine this with a really slow swing it is actually lethal in these trashy situations. I hadn’t been at the site long and I had my first target bouncing between 10:36 and 12:37, it was a Victoria young head threepence with an unreadable date, these were minted between 1838 – 1887. That was a great start to the day and it wouldn’t matter what else I found because it is all a bonus from here. I found what resembles a small pick, but it could well have been used for cleaning out horse hooves because the old site had a blacksmith shop as well. I found another couple of old iron relics, one that looks like a meat hook and another pick, this one was a lot bigger and I am considering cleaning it up and putting a handle on it.

Trash from the site below.

One side of the site next to where the blacksmith shop was, there are heaps of pieces of molten lead that sound a lot like a sovereign with that mid to deep tone so you just have to dig them, although after about twenty or more it kind of does your head in. In amongst it though I found part of a snake buckle that attaches it to the belt and an 1817 George III shilling. The shilling gave a really iffy signal as it was bouncing around amongst the nail and iron that were above it in the same hole, there was however the telltale 11:45 – 12:45 popping up on the screen of the E-TRAC every now and then that made it worth a dig.  Sometimes you just have to go with that gut feel you get on some signals.

That was about it for the day, although as I was about to leave one of the locals pulled up and indicated that I would be able to run the detector over the old cobblers shop on his property. Sometimes it is just meant to be, so stay positive and happy hunting you never know what is coming your way.