It was an interesting week out and about as I chased down my hundredth silver for the week. It seemed that everyone of my spots had been hunted out but it just wasn’t making sense, I had found silvers at them just last week. If it wasn’t for the mid range tones I would have thought something was wrong with my detector but I decided to check everything anyway, turns out the coil was playing up. The bad news is I just spent three days wandering around feeling a bit useless and that I had lost my mojo but the good news is that my spots aren’t hunted out. A new day, change of coil and off to a small park for about half an hour were I managed an 1874 threepence (nice way to bring up # 100), then off to a quote for one of my clients, followed by a quick stop at one of the sites I had been to in the last three days, bingo a 1954 ram shilling. So armed with a big smile and my mojo back, I was back in business.

Saturday was my wife’s birthday but you would have thought it was mine because after spending a lovely morning with her she informed me that our eldest daughter was taking her out for lunch, wait for it and a movie. I could hardly hold back the smile, this could only mean one thing, it was time for some old site coin & relic hunting in the country for a few hours. It wasn’t long and I was at a location I have been waiting to go to for awhile, there was nothing left where an old house once stood but the foundation. The first target was an 1865 Britannia penny, this was followed by a stream of relics but no more coins, there were a couple of interesting pieces of jewelery amongst the buckles, rivets and bits though.

I spent another hour here and found an old buckle that has a series of holes around it but know pattern at all that makes me think maybe it had something attached to it and an old barrel tap broken in half.

The day was getting on and I wanted to try the another site that was the general store back in the mid 1800’s where I have had some great finds. There is heaps of old rusty iron and lead in the ground so I only spend short amounts of time there hopefully sniffing out some small silvers. The usual old iron and bits of lead were coming out thick and fast until I got a really solid signal, now with the ground being so hard I was using the pick to break through the crust and let me say I am glad it was only a Britannia penny and not a big silver. As I scraped the dirt out of the hole it was quite obvious that I had hit the coin and bent it like a boomerang, it pays sometimes to take a bit more time pinpointing. I have put the finds for the last few days in one picture, everything but the silvers and two Britannia pennies were found at the old site yesterday.

Hope you enjoy and happy hunting, keep the coil to the soil but only if it’s working properly. Good luck and just think your next find could very well be your best.