I thought the park where I found the 1874 threepence a few days ago had to have some more silvers, but I was totally surprised and blown away by what I found today. It was slow going for about the first half hour with only a couple of brown buggers and a penny. I moved to the other side of the park where some really old trees where and within 5mins the coins started to flow with a couple of pennies and then a nice 1942 sixpence. Great a silver, I love that because it gives you confidence that there could be more and I was right, the next three coins were all silver. I found a threepence and right next to it about a foot away I got a really solid 12:45 – 11:45 and it sounded sweet, quick dig and a beautiful 1881 shilling seen the light of day for the first time in a very long time. Things were really looking good, so I circled the tree spiraling outward as I went and then another really good solid signal, what can I say out comes a florin but not just any old florin, an 1877 Gothic Florin. Oh yeah what a way to make the day get so much better, my second in the last year and both dated 1877.

My day wasn’t done yet, with a few more pennies, some relics, buttons and thirteen dollars to cover my fuel in the next hour I was pretty happy. What a great day! I was getting exited with the way things were going, if only I could pull a 1930 penny to top things off, so far the pennies were dated 1929, 1932 and 1933, but alas it was not to be. It is amazing how it only takes that one sweet spot to change the whole outcome of your hunt and it happens so often if you just persist.

It wont be long before I’m back to see what other great finds are there so till then, happy hunting and coil to the soil.