It was time to hit a few old ruins again just to mix things up a bit after coin shooting for silvers in parks. I have missed the excitement of the old finds from early settlers and although I didn’t find heaps it was great to be out in the fresh country air. I spent most of the afternoon at an old general store site that I have been over and over trying to find any coins amongst the trash. This would have to be one of the trashiest sites I have hunted and all I managed yesterday was about half a bucket of rusty iron and square nails. Just when I was starting to feel a bit like it was going to be a dud day, along came a farmer and shared with me about an old shearing shed and ruin that he new of. After gaining some more local knowledge and permission it was off to the ruin for a quick reconnaissance swing  before heading home. The site was surrounded on all sides by electric fences which was going to be a good test for the new CTX 3030 from Minelab because in the past I have had a lot of interference with the E-TRAC in these situations. First things first was to noise cancel and remove as much interference as possible, surprisingly the CTX 3030 was running quiet with very minimal interference. Sadly the site was pretty overgrown but it wasn’t long and I had found an old harness buckle, then another followed by an old dog registration disc from 1911. The farmer had told me that it was built around 1850 so there had to be some older targets around somewhere. The next signal was jumping around a bit as it was surrounded by trashy targets but with the CTX 3030’s latest technology it was apparent it was something good, first coin and it was an 1889 Victory 3d, that just made my day.

With the reconnaissance coming up trumps, I was happy to come back at another time, the grass was a bit too long and the afternoon sky was starting to grow dark with some big clouds rolling in overhead, it was time to call it a day. We all know how it is and I kept the detector on as I walked back just in case, you guessed it half an hour later another dog registration disc, a Britannia penny & half penny and a strange looking oriental type face with a fly on his head.

I have know idea what it is but sure is different and interesting. I had one more thing to do before heading back and that was to call in and see a land owner who the farmer told me about, he used to lease the land and there were heaps of ruins on it. Well turns out there are eight or nine ruins I now have permission to hunt, these were all on the main bullock route that runs straight through the property. So remember stay positive because if I hadn’t been at the old store site I may have missed this opportunity, happy hunting and keep the coil to the soil.