The first of the nine ruins was a great day out, with the temperature in Adelaide around 19 degrees and sunshine all day. As I neared the site I could see the remains of one wall still standing and the excitement and anticipation of the days finds was building. Time to crank up the CTX 3030 and get in to it, first target didn’t take long with part of a buckle surfacing, there appeared to be no embossing on it but I have had a few surprises after you wash them at home, not the case this time. There were no end of buckles and boot caps everywhere, maybe a leather worker/boot makers place as it is on the main bullock route from the mid 1800’s and not far from the old general store area. I love the picture below of the 3030 with the sun beams shining down on the detector, its not the best quality but looks awesome. I have included some pictures of the area I am hunting just to show how beautiful it is.

Out of all the sites I have been to this site probably has more relics and bits and pieces around it than most that I come across. As the day went on the relics and buckles just kept coming with plenty more area to cover next time. The CTX 3030 absolutely works a treat around the trash with its ability to separate the ferrous and non ferrous targets so well, the beauty of this is that the audio response is much more solid and crisp than with the E-TRAC.

Finding coins was a little difficult amongst the barrage of relics but once they started to flow they simply got better as the day progressed. The first was an 1863 Britannia penny from around an old wash room, and not far from there was a half penny dated 1878. Next good target was a dog registration discs dated 1885 to 1886, although it does have Dog Act 1884 on the front because this was the first year of issue. the link below will take you to a great site with plenty of information in regards to why the registration act was passed and when.

I then scored an 1855 Victoria Young Head Penny in pretty good condition for her age and long rest under the ground. The buckles kept on coming all day but it was great to see a couple of different shaped ones other than the usual standard harness buckles, the pointed one may even have been a belt buckle used on someones trousers. It was getting late but I had managed a couple more Britannia pennies during the hunt 1876 and 1883 but just before leaving I had a solid 12:38 which I thought may have been another buckle but it was a beautiful 1864 Victoria 3d, finally a silver to turn a good hunt into a great hunt. This coin was minted 100 years before I was born in 1964 and the first I have found from that year, I can only wonder how long it has been laying there in the dirt.

It goes without saying to finish on a silver at a site like this makes it all that more exciting for the return trip, happy hunting and stay positive.