Coins are where you find them, it is sometimes hard to explain how and why certain coins turn up where they do. I recently had a bit of a hunt in Adelaide and for those who may not know, was only settled in 1836 and therefore often leaves one scratching their head as to how George III coins end up here. My recent finds included a 1797 George III cartwheel penny and an 1806 – 07 George III half penny from an inner suburban park. It is an area that I have hunted with great success in the past and my recent finds are no exception with an 1890 threepence amongst the treasure unearthed. A friend was in town so we met up for a couple of hunts where he scored some early English silvers but the best find was an 1858 Harold Brothers ironmonger Hindley Street Adelaide traders token.IMG_0696

This site has produced some great finds and it still never ceases to amaze me as to what is still in the ground and fromIMG_0706 amongst these old coppers there were still a few nice silvers to be had, the oldest being an 1890 Victoria threepence. Spots like this are becoming harder to find but with some dedicated research and thinking outside of the square sooner or later it pays off. I found an interesting button with AUR, a crown and a book on it, made by Stokes Melbourne which stands for the Adelaide University Regiment formed in 1948 under the command of Major Rex J. Lipman.

The below is from the following web page

Adelaide Universities Regiment was originally called Adelaide University Regiment. Concerns during the post war period spurred the Australian Government to reform the old ‘Militia’ (renamed CMF). Approval to raise Adelaide University Regiment was given on 17 September 1947 following the many good leaders trained from Sydney and Melbourne University Regiments for the 2nd AIF for World War Two. The rationale of having AUR on the Order of Battle was that in war, many university graduates would become officers in the Army and by having had a sound infantry training they would be better officers.


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