With my research done and some fine weather on hand it was time to head out and see what treasures were waiting for me. First site was an old ruin from the late 1800’s but my heart sunk when on arrival all I could see was the ruin surrounded by a carpet of knee-high weeds. I sat for a moment and dreamed of what may be there but it would have to wait until another day when the grass has either died off or been eaten by some hungry sheep. The next site was somewhat the same and with the farmer nowhere to be found I couldn’t get permission, looks like that will have to wait for another day as well. Thinking cap on and I decided to let another land owner know that I was going to a ruin I had previously done on his property, damn I came up with strike three when he wasn’t home either. So as I headed back somewhat disappointed with the day I drove past the site where I had recently found some great coins in an adjoining paddock to an old general store. I had hit this site really hard but noticed that a paddock on the other side had a couple of big old pear trees in the middle of it. Now anyone who hunts old sites knows that nine times out of ten these old trees were planted by someone and possibly a structure once stood nearby. I moved quickly across the paddock with the screen of the CTX 3030 wide open and no discrimination to see if I could locate a few tell-tale signals that would prove my hunch to be correct. Sure enough as I neared the trees there was a lot of nulling and broken iron signals so I slowed down and started to find pieces of lead and a few relics. After about fifteen minutes or so I got my first really solid target but out came an old spoon that was somewhat mangled. It was odd as I found another three spoons before the ground finally dished up a solid 12:45 that turned out to be an 1853 Victoria half penny, not a silver but Ill take it.IMG_2419I wandered around a bit aimlessly picking up the occasional relic here and there when I got a scratchy 8:42 that I thought was destined to be another piece of lead or bent relic. Fortunately I was wrong and I scored a great little 1859 Victoria 3d from about five or six inches deep, I was pretty happy at this point with the day turning out to not be a total loss after all. My hopes were up but with what seemed like a billion flies from a hundred miles around buzzing around, trying for some unknown reason to find their way into every opening in my head I knew I wasn’t going to last. Bravely I kept at it for about another hour before they wore me down finally getting the better of me before I scurried to the car for a bit of relief.IMG_2410IMG_2426

Although disappointed about missing out on the two sites this time round I was more than happy with the outcome and drove home chuffed with the small Victoria 3d silver I had safely in my pocket. Happy hunting all and keep an eye out for those big old tress and go with your hunch, you just never know what could be close by.