I have been very limited with my time detecting lately as my wife had a mini stroke 3 weeks ago, fortunately no physical lasting symptoms but definitely left her with some anxiety and stress. She is with me 24/7 at the moment while she gets some confidence back and although it is a bit hard to get out she will happily sit in the car reading a book while a get an hour in here and there. Today she decided that she would like to get out on her own and try some retail therapy as long as I wasn’t too far away. Well just so happens there was a park only 5 minutes from where she was and given that my detectors are always in my car it meant that we would both have a bit of time out. The first 10 mins was spent wandering around a bit aimlessly worrying like hell if she was ok but then the detector started to give of a few nice high tones and the coins started to flow as I also started to relax. My first few coins were the cursed brown buggers (Australian 1 & 2 cent pieces) before the goldies started to flow (Australian 1 & 2 dollar coins). I was keen for some old coins and relics and eventually I popped out a couple of kangaroo pennies from the same hole and about a meter away I got a solid 12:45 that turned out to be a pretty chunky silver necklace.IMG_1801IMG_1815 IMG_1813I kept at it and scored plenty more goodies including a very bent rising sun badge that took some straightening and an 1891 – 92 South Australian dog tag that was pretty deep.IMG_1800IMG_1807IMG_1911 Well after about an hour I was starting to get a bit concerned but then my phone rang and to my surprise she wanted another half an hour so with a feeling of relief and happy that she was coping well I kept at it for another half an hour. My end total was $28 which was great and I had some old stuff to top it off.IMG_1798Anyway happy hunting all and keep swinging you just never know what’s coming next.