I have been really hitting all my old oval sites where I have cherry picked the easy targets but left the trashy areas for another time. It is often too hard to find coins amongst the trash but not so when it comes to the Coiltek 10 x 5. I would have to say it is by far the best small coil I have used on the CTX 3030 for not only sniffing out targets but also the amazing depth I can get with it. the proof is in the pudding as they say and when you look at the pictures below you need to understand that these finds are from an area that is regularly detected and some of these coins were between 9 and 11 inches deep.IMG_1148IMG_1149

Have a look at the depth of this Victoria veil head penny it was at around 10 inches deep and the signal although a bit iffy (even in the long setting) was definately clear enough to dig. IMG_1144IMG_1143IMG_1146The Coiltek 10 x 5 really needs to part of your collection if you are serious about finding those hard to get targets that so many people are often too lazy to have the right equipment and put in the hours.