While it sucks that the cold winter winds and rain are upon us down in South Australia the only advantage is that those crusty old treasures that have been buried deep in the sand for years are tossed about as the waves roll in and the king tides move sand all over the place. I didn’t have much time this afternoon between showers today but I thought I would hit the beach and see what was about even though it was quite a high tide and I only had a few metres of beach to work. As i arrived the first thing I noticed was that the old boat ramp was visible when it is nearly always covered with sand, the excitement started to build as I walked onto the beach and fired up my CTX 3030 with the 17 inch coil. I hadn’t walked far before I got a screaming 12:41 on the tone ID panel, it was showing it to be approx 25cm deep. I lifted out a couple of scoops of sand and lo and behold if it wasnt a 1946 silver Florin straight off the bat, what a great start. Although it was hard going with the water rushing in and filling my holes all the time I managed a fair few coins and some old sinkers. The good thing was that the sinkers have that white oxidising that happens when they have been in the ground for a very long time and couple this with the green corrosion on the old coins and you have the conditions that can turn up an old ring or two. I had to pull the pin after about an hour but I will be heading back in the morning to see what other treasures are about to be unearthed so until tomorrow happy hunting.IMG_3454IMG_3453