I was chatting on the phone with a friend from Brisbane and told him I was contemplating a trip over to Victoria to have try for some gold. Well before you know it we had made arrangements that he would fly down to Adelaide and I would pick him up from the airport before heading over to the Golden Triangle. We arrived around 3:00 in the morning and had a quick bit of shut-eye before starting our detecting at first light. We had a bit of a lean first day with Terry getting a few small bits to my zero. After a good night sleep we decided to head to a spot near Inglewood that another mate had told me he had found quite a bit of gold over the years there.

My day started with a bang as I pulled my first target about a .7 gram piece and this was the beginning of a great hour for me. The GPZ 7000 was just humming along and it was like I was playing connect the dots as I continued getting one small bit of gold after another, I think at this stage it was Mark 5, Terry zero. My next target got me excited as the signal started of as a slight warble but after digging down about 10 inches it was really starting to scream. I spent the next 15 mins digging down through the rock hard ground thinking that this had to be a big slug, then sure enough it was a big slug alright but it wasnt gold it was about a 3 oz slug of lead. Being somewhat puffed out and a bit disappointed I re-gathered my self and pressed on. I had only walked about 5 metres when I had another solid signal, so away I went chipping away at the hard ground as I got deeper the target got louder until after I had dug about 12 inches down it was out of the hole and hiding somewhere in the spoil.  I imedieately felt the weight of something as I grabbed a handful of dirt and rocks to wave over my coil, yep sure enough it screamed and as I looked into my had spotted a solid golden slug. Punching the air and in my Newby excitement a shouted to Terry I think I’ve cracked an ounce nugget. He started walking over to where I was but before he had got there I had time to settle down and call it again this time I said maybe it was only about half an ounce. We quickly went back to the car and weighed up a beautiful 13 gram nugget, my biggest so far and I couldn’t get the smile off of my face all day. I think I only found one more small bit for the rest of the day but it didn’t matter cause the nuggets were still getting bigger.WedderburnWedderburn2Wedderbuen3