It was up early and off to the hot spot before anyone else got there before me as I was pretty confident there was a ring there somewhere. I started following the line that I had been working the night before and just like clockwork I started pulling coin after coin with the occasional lead sinker and bit of junk in between from where I left off. When you have storms like this there is always a high concentration of targets in the same area so it is best to hit it from different angles and dig everything. The junk like you see below can mask good targets and quite a few of the coins today had junk right next to them or in the same hole.Aldinga Boat Ramp 28-5-16There was a steady flow of five cent pieces (24 to be exact) and they do get annoying after awhile because they sure can sound like a gold ring, be persistent and keep digging everything though because it may well be that one target that you decide to leave in the ground that turns out to be a nice gold ring. I dug so many low tones and rubbish today but in amongst it all there it was that one target that was a bit iffy and down about 15 inches with a tone ID that started off around 11:15 but after it was out was a solid 12:20 on the CTX 3030, yep a nice 4.1 gram 18ct Bridal Gold ring. And there it is, I was so sure there was going to be a ring amongst this lot.

Aldinga Boat Ramp 28-5-16 (3)Aldinga Boat Ramp 28-5-16 (4)There were a couple of pre decimal silvers amongst the haul a 1946 sixpence and a 1952 Florin just to top off a great morning at the beach. Happy Hunting all.Aldinga Boat Ramp 28-5-16 (1)Aldinga Boat Ramp 28-5-16 (2)