Over the years I have done a lot of park detecting and only pulled a handful of gold rings  but I often see on forums how other people go to a park and find quite a few gold rings. Over the years it has left me either questioning the validity of their finds or that they were just really lucky detecorists. To be fair I do find a lot of silver rings as I tend to target the higher conductive coins and relics. The one thing these people have said is you have to dig all the low tones  so I  decided to put this theory to the test. Over the next few months I am going to hit one park that is still really busy and  dates back to the first settlement of Adelaide and endeavour to dig everything. It may take me even longer but I cant wait to see what I come up with.

I started off just hitting all the tone ID’s above 12:20 on the CTX 3030 with the occasional low tone just to get started as I loath low tones which usually equal ring pulls,foil and mostly all the other worthless crap you can imagine.

Day 1 = No gold rings just one silver ring, petrol money and a few interesting finds including a sixpence and an 1825 -1827 George IV half penny, unfortunately with no date .


Happy hunting all make sure you fill your holes remove rubbish and protect this great hobby. Dont be like the greedy people who just damage everything and leave their rubbish behind in their haste to get to the next target.