Day 3 found me with more time and more determined to painstakingly dig everything so I scanned the park for one of the oldest trees and got to work. The CTX 3030 sounded like and old Pacman video game with multiple tones screaming at me from what felt like every inch of the ground, it now was feeling like a very daunting task. I got into a bit of a zone and just kept plugging away as minutes became hours until before i knew it half a day had passed. Day 4 = no gold rings, no silver rings, a couple of junk rings, quite a few pennies and half pennies, 5 silver coins (well 4 and a half to be technical), couple of buttons (one a South Australian railway), the usual spending money and heaps of junk.IMG_3417IMG_3415IMG_3418IMG_3419

At this point I am really wondering where the hell all the gold rings could be, oh well never mind I’m sure it is only a matter of time. Happy hunting all and just remember you are only one swing away from a great find.