I wasnt sure if this was now becoming addictive or an obsession, either way it is great fun and day 4 was no exception with some interesting finds.I had an early job around the Port Adelaide area which is also one of the oldest parts of Adelaide so I hit a park for about an hour before heading back to the other park that I have been hunting in. The day started off with a nice deep 12:44 tone ID as the CTX 3030 screamed at me almost insisting that it was a good target. I dug down and from about 12 inches out came a somewhat ugly 1806 George III penny that not only has someone driven a nail through it but the ground had been most unkind turning it into the ugly duckling. I also had quite a bit of time today to just zone out and dig as much as I could in search of a gold ring. Just thought I would mention I have been using the Minelab CTX 3030 coupled to the Coiltek 10 x 5 coil which i find to be lethal for this kind of hunting.

I also pulled a couple of small silvers from this park and if you look at the lump of rusty iron that came out of the same hole as a threepence proving just how good the separation of the Minelab CTX 3030 is, pretty impressive. It was now back to the other park to continue my experiment of digging everything. Day 4 = no gold rings, no silver rings, not even a junker, pennies and half pennies, spending money, heaps of dope pipes/cones, really cool 1902 Coronation year medal and heaps of junk. Where oh where are these damn park gold rings ?


Coronation year 1902 Queen Alexandra & King Edward medal that I can’t find one the same anywhere although there are many like it.89

Happy hunting all and I will be back at it again next week until then good luck.