Today was a very interesting hunt as I set myself goals each week and when I left home this morning I said to my wife I need to get at least $50 today. My first small park produced a nice ram shilling and about $11, a bit of a slow start but a start none the less. I did a quick stop at another park that was hard work for another $9, oh well only $30 to go but at this rate it was going to be a long day. So now I was back in my car staring at google maps on my phone trying to locate a park that might be ok, when I spotted a park not far away that I always drive passed and say I should do that area. To paint a bit of a picture there is a pub with big windows only 40mts away overlooking the area where all the patrons sit staring  straight out at where I was going to be detecting. I was a bit reluctant so I started off at the furthest point with the intention of slowly inching my way closer as to not draw too much attention to what I was doing. I got a couple of coins out wide but as I got closer to the hotel the coins started to come thick and fast.23

I ended up with over $100 for the day and a nice shilling what a great day. It does pay to be a bit brave sometimes. Happy hunting all.