Not fully convinced that this area was cleaned out I headed back for another crack at the hot spot I had pulled over a hundred dollars from last week. This time it was a bit drier because the rain had eased up for a couple of days allowing me to get to an area that was under water the first time and scored another $32. Today I had a bit of spare time so I went back to do the adjoining parks that are actually playgrounds to see if they would be as productive. I started on a hill that looked like it would be a great spot to sit or even roll down with the kids, hence making it a good spot for coins. I pretty well started where I had left off the other day with the targets coming thick and fast. I dug all the tone ID’s above 12:20 on the CTX 3030 with the occasional solid low tone (just in case it was a gold ring) and came away with $81 and a nice chunky silver ring. Not bad for a couple of hours.57

I am starting to wonder how many people are actually stoned around the place because nearly every time I detect in a park I seem to find at least one canna pipe. I have every intention of going back to this hot spot and digging everything in a few areas to see if I can get that elusive gold ring from amongst the park trash.6

Happy hunting all and keep at it you never know whats coming next, gotta love this great hobby.