Minelab’s Team & New Premises

I recently had the privilege of taking a tour through Minelab’s new premises where I was able to question a few of the engineers and technicians and believe me I was blown away. Check it out for yourselves.



Gothic Storm Rolls In

Went back for another quick hunt to the sweet spot and seen that the tide had removed a bit more sand, it wasn’t much but enough.Its amazing what a few more centimetres of sand will do as there were targets everywhere that must have been just out of reach in my last hunt. I scored a couple more florins with one being a pretty toasted Gothic that I just couldn’t get a date from but it’s probably been in the sand for over 120 years.image1IMG_3434image2

It’s not only good that we as detectorists find great treasures but we should all get a bit of a kick out of removing dangerous objects. I cant help but feel that I have saved someones foot from a very nasty injury after finding this rotted blade just under the sand about 8 centimetres down.image3image4

Happy hunting all.

Back To The Storm Torn Beach

It was up early and off to the hot spot before anyone else got there before me as I was pretty confident there was a ring there somewhere. I started following the line that I had been working the night before and just like clockwork I started pulling coin after coin with the occasional lead sinker and bit of junk in between from where I left off. When you have storms like this there is always a high concentration of targets in the same area so it is best to hit it from different angles and dig everything. The junk like you see below can mask good targets and quite a few of the coins today had junk right next to them or in the same hole.Aldinga Boat Ramp 28-5-16There was a steady flow of five cent pieces (24 to be exact) and they do get annoying after awhile because they sure can sound like a gold ring, be persistent and keep digging everything though because it may well be that one target that you decide to leave in the ground that turns out to be a nice gold ring. I dug so many low tones and rubbish today but in amongst it all there it was that one target that was a bit iffy and down about 15 inches with a tone ID that started off around 11:15 but after it was out was a solid 12:20 on the CTX 3030, yep a nice 4.1 gram 18ct Bridal Gold ring. And there it is, I was so sure there was going to be a ring amongst this lot.

Aldinga Boat Ramp 28-5-16 (3)Aldinga Boat Ramp 28-5-16 (4)There were a couple of pre decimal silvers amongst the haul a 1946 sixpence and a 1952 Florin just to top off a great morning at the beach. Happy Hunting all.Aldinga Boat Ramp 28-5-16 (1)Aldinga Boat Ramp 28-5-16 (2)

Beach Storms Bring Good Things

While it sucks that the cold winter winds and rain are upon us down in South Australia the only advantage is that those crusty old treasures that have been buried deep in the sand for years are tossed about as the waves roll in and the king tides move sand all over the place. I didn’t have much time this afternoon between showers today but I thought I would hit the beach and see what was about even though it was quite a high tide and I only had a few metres of beach to work. As i arrived the first thing I noticed was that the old boat ramp was visible when it is nearly always covered with sand, the excitement started to build as I walked onto the beach and fired up my CTX 3030 with the 17 inch coil. I hadn’t walked far before I got a screaming 12:41 on the tone ID panel, it was showing it to be approx 25cm deep. I lifted out a couple of scoops of sand and lo and behold if it wasnt a 1946 silver Florin straight off the bat, what a great start. Although it was hard going with the water rushing in and filling my holes all the time I managed a fair few coins and some old sinkers. The good thing was that the sinkers have that white oxidising that happens when they have been in the ground for a very long time and couple this with the green corrosion on the old coins and you have the conditions that can turn up an old ring or two. I had to pull the pin after about an hour but I will be heading back in the morning to see what other treasures are about to be unearthed so until tomorrow happy hunting.IMG_3454IMG_3453

The Nuggets Keep Getting Bigger

I was chatting on the phone with a friend from Brisbane and told him I was contemplating a trip over to Victoria to have try for some gold. Well before you know it we had made arrangements that he would fly down to Adelaide and I would pick him up from the airport before heading over to the Golden Triangle. We arrived around 3:00 in the morning and had a quick bit of shut-eye before starting our detecting at first light. We had a bit of a lean first day with Terry getting a few small bits to my zero. After a good night sleep we decided to head to a spot near Inglewood that another mate had told me he had found quite a bit of gold over the years there.

My day started with a bang as I pulled my first target about a .7 gram piece and this was the beginning of a great hour for me. The GPZ 7000 was just humming along and it was like I was playing connect the dots as I continued getting one small bit of gold after another, I think at this stage it was Mark 5, Terry zero. My next target got me excited as the signal started of as a slight warble but after digging down about 10 inches it was really starting to scream. I spent the next 15 mins digging down through the rock hard ground thinking that this had to be a big slug, then sure enough it was a big slug alright but it wasnt gold it was about a 3 oz slug of lead. Being somewhat puffed out and a bit disappointed I re-gathered my self and pressed on. I had only walked about 5 metres when I had another solid signal, so away I went chipping away at the hard ground as I got deeper the target got louder until after I had dug about 12 inches down it was out of the hole and hiding somewhere in the spoil.  I imedieately felt the weight of something as I grabbed a handful of dirt and rocks to wave over my coil, yep sure enough it screamed and as I looked into my had spotted a solid golden slug. Punching the air and in my Newby excitement a shouted to Terry I think I’ve cracked an ounce nugget. He started walking over to where I was but before he had got there I had time to settle down and call it again this time I said maybe it was only about half an ounce. We quickly went back to the car and weighed up a beautiful 13 gram nugget, my biggest so far and I couldn’t get the smile off of my face all day. I think I only found one more small bit for the rest of the day but it didn’t matter cause the nuggets were still getting bigger.WedderburnWedderburn2Wedderbuen3



CTX 3030 & The Coiltek 10 x 5 = Lethal

I have been really hitting all my old oval sites where I have cherry picked the easy targets but left the trashy areas for another time. It is often too hard to find coins amongst the trash but not so when it comes to the Coiltek 10 x 5. I would have to say it is by far the best small coil I have used on the CTX 3030 for not only sniffing out targets but also the amazing depth I can get with it. the proof is in the pudding as they say and when you look at the pictures below you need to understand that these finds are from an area that is regularly detected and some of these coins were between 9 and 11 inches deep.IMG_1148IMG_1149

Have a look at the depth of this Victoria veil head penny it was at around 10 inches deep and the signal although a bit iffy (even in the long setting) was definately clear enough to dig. IMG_1144IMG_1143IMG_1146The Coiltek 10 x 5 really needs to part of your collection if you are serious about finding those hard to get targets that so many people are often too lazy to have the right equipment and put in the hours.

My Latest Treasure Talk Blog – The Warwick Wonder

The link below will take you to the story.


This was the total gold for a couple of days out with Aussiedigger in Warwick Queensland. Had a great few days detecting and some great laughs at the Karara hotel with the new owners Peter & Jen, be sure to drop in and say hello. I jave also added a couple of pictures showing the depth of the hole and the two nuggets before they had been properly cleaned.


GO-FIND20 New From Minelab

My first time out with the GO-FIND20 for an actual detect after field testing for some time was actually a lot of fun. Admittingly it was hard to take off my CTX3030 hat and see the machine for what it is, a fantastic entry level detector that will be great fun for all the family. I could easily see many people appreciating not only the ability of this coin/relic machine but also its affordable price tag. After a succesful hunt in one of my favourite go to spots for detecting shallow coins I decided on a bit of an outing with my lovelly wife (aka Mrs Marksman) to see what she thought of the GO-Find20 in a playground setting.


GO-FIND 20 First Day OutHer first impression was that she liked that it was compact,light and easy to carry. Having the ability to fold up and telescope together has made it simple to carry the GO-FIND series with you anywhere as you can see in the picture below with Mrs Marksman with her detector in one hand and her handbag in the other. Armed & DangerousThe video below is basically my wife detecting pretty much for the second time ever and it wasnt long before I realised that she wasnt going to give the GO-FIND20 up very easily as she quickly got the hang of it and started finding coins.


Mrs Marksmans First Haul With The GO-FIND20

Hour & A Half Of Therapy Detecting

I have been very limited with my time detecting lately as my wife had a mini stroke 3 weeks ago, fortunately no physical lasting symptoms but definitely left her with some anxiety and stress. She is with me 24/7 at the moment while she gets some confidence back and although it is a bit hard to get out she will happily sit in the car reading a book while a get an hour in here and there. Today she decided that she would like to get out on her own and try some retail therapy as long as I wasn’t too far away. Well just so happens there was a park only 5 minutes from where she was and given that my detectors are always in my car it meant that we would both have a bit of time out. The first 10 mins was spent wandering around a bit aimlessly worrying like hell if she was ok but then the detector started to give of a few nice high tones and the coins started to flow as I also started to relax. My first few coins were the cursed brown buggers (Australian 1 & 2 cent pieces) before the goldies started to flow (Australian 1 & 2 dollar coins). I was keen for some old coins and relics and eventually I popped out a couple of kangaroo pennies from the same hole and about a meter away I got a solid 12:45 that turned out to be a pretty chunky silver necklace.IMG_1801IMG_1815 IMG_1813I kept at it and scored plenty more goodies including a very bent rising sun badge that took some straightening and an 1891 – 92 South Australian dog tag that was pretty deep.IMG_1800IMG_1807IMG_1911 Well after about an hour I was starting to get a bit concerned but then my phone rang and to my surprise she wanted another half an hour so with a feeling of relief and happy that she was coping well I kept at it for another half an hour. My end total was $28 which was great and I had some old stuff to top it off.IMG_1798Anyway happy hunting all and keep swinging you just never know what’s coming next.

Coilteks Golden Coil – CTX 3030 DD 10 X 5

After my success with the CTX 3030 10 X 5 DD coil in a trashy area the other day It got me thinking hard about any spots where I have had good success in the past that also had trashy areas I had left undone. I came up with one such spot and it didn’t let me down. I was moving slowly through the trashy signals listening hard for the tell-tale high pitch squeal of those good targets. It was slow going but I was consistently pulling a steady amount of one and two dollar coins out when I got a solid 12:30. Now after last weeks find of a nice 9ct gold men’s wedding band that sounded exactly the same I immediately thought it may be another gold ring.IMG_1791 IMG_1793 IMG_1795 I dug down about 7″ and there it was a beautiful 9ct gold ring with a nice chunky sapphire ooooh yeah, 2 gold in 2 weeks gotta love that. I managed a few more coins and a nice little silver ring before calling it a day or should I say 1 hour because that’s all I had time for. This coil is really proving up the goods and I cant wait to hit a few more of my trashy sites. IMG_1789 IMG_1785 IMG_1782 IMG_1776 IMG_1774 IMG_1771Happy hunting all and keep that coil low and slow.