Silver Coin Finds

This is a where I will keep my tally for the year, I had an exceptional year in 2011 with 647 coins all up. My best would have to be an 1850 half Crown with an 1877 Gothic Florin for a close second.

It was found at this old Wool shed with an 1838 threepence in the same hole, about a half meter away was the cricket buckle. I found all these within about 3 meters from the car after only being at the site for probably 2 minutes, much to my surprise as much as the fellow that was hunting with me. Days of this caliber are simply amazing and truly what dreams are made of.

Happy hunting.

I have had a late start to the year 2012 but my tally so far is 219 silvers and I am about to start  putting some effort back into chasing silvers again.. I will keep a picture below of my best coin for the year, an 1818 Half Crown.


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