Fortune Favours The Brave II

Not fully convinced that this area was cleaned out I headed back for another crack at the hot spot I had pulled over a hundred dollars from last week. This time it was a bit drier because the rain had eased up for a couple of days allowing me to get to an area that was under water the first time and scored another $32. Today I had a bit of spare time so I went back to do the adjoining parks that are actually playgrounds to see if they would be as productive. I started on a hill that looked like it would be a great spot to sit or even roll down with the kids, hence making it a good spot for coins. I pretty well started where I had left off the other day with the targets coming thick and fast. I dug all the tone ID’s above 12:20 on the CTX 3030 with the occasional solid low tone (just in case it was a gold ring) and came away with $81 and a nice chunky silver ring. Not bad for a couple of hours.57

I am starting to wonder how many people are actually stoned around the place because nearly every time I detect in a park I seem to find at least one canna pipe. I have every intention of going back to this hot spot and digging everything in a few areas to see if I can get that elusive gold ring from amongst the park trash.6

Happy hunting all and keep at it you never know whats coming next, gotta love this great hobby.

Fortune Favours The Brave

Today was a very interesting hunt as I set myself goals each week and when I left home this morning I said to my wife I need to get at least $50 today. My first small park produced a nice ram shilling and about $11, a bit of a slow start but a start none the less. I did a quick stop at another park that was hard work for another $9, oh well only $30 to go but at this rate it was going to be a long day. So now I was back in my car staring at google maps on my phone trying to locate a park that might be ok, when I spotted a park not far away that I always drive passed and say I should do that area. To paint a bit of a picture there is a pub with big windows only 40mts away overlooking the area where all the patrons sit staring  straight out at where I was going to be detecting. I was a bit reluctant so I started off at the furthest point with the intention of slowly inching my way closer as to not draw too much attention to what I was doing. I got a couple of coins out wide but as I got closer to the hotel the coins started to come thick and fast.23

I ended up with over $100 for the day and a nice shilling what a great day. It does pay to be a bit brave sometimes. Happy hunting all.

To Dig Or Not To Dig Pt6

It’s doing my head in arghhhh! Don’t know how long I can keep this up another dig everything day and I can’t believe how much crap is in the ground. My CTX 3030 is working overtime along with my legs from squatting up and down every couple of minutes. There were plenty of low tones dug and although I’m happy with the amount of coins I got I am still yet to see a gold ring. Pretty much the same finds as normal with the exception of a nice little silver ring and a couple of sixpences. I have decided that I can’t or don’t want to keep this up so I am going to do up to 10 digs of everything and if no gold surfaces then its back to my normal detecting style. Kudos to all you dig everything boys.21310FullSizeRender

At least I have amassed enough modern spendables to pay for a trip over to the gold fields so here’s hoping my next post is a nice big chunk of gold. Happy hunting all and make sure you look after our great hobby.


To Dig Or Not To Dig Pt5

Down n dirty dig everything day ! I couldn’t get to my usual park but decided to dig everything at another park between jobs today. There were plenty of targets with the usual amount of trash all over the place. I have found the Coiltek 10 x 5 coil to be the best combination for this as it really cuts like a razor through the trash while still punching to good depth. I scored a few targets today at around 10 inches without any trouble especially having plenty of moisture back in the ground since the rains have set in.FullSizeRender

I managed the usual Pennies/Half Pennies, a good handful of spendables, nice little silver cross but unfortunately even though I had three rigs they were all junkers. Still no gold, surely its got to be close.12

Good luck and keep that coil low.

Old Site! Out Of Sight! It’s Been Awhile

Its been a long time since I have hit an old ruin and I was fortunate enough to get an invite from a friend of mine Warren aka Wild Colonial Boy. He told me I had to be at his house early as we had to meet the farmer so he could show us where the old ruin was situated. This always gets me excited because it usually means it is in a hidden tucked away spot and the chances of it never having a detector over it were quite good. We followed him down a winding road through his property for about a couple of km and through a few gates before his brake lights lit up and we came to a halt right beside what was left of the house that would have once been someones pride and joy. It was quite a picturesque morning with the dew dripping off of everything as the sun filtered through the big old gums that looked like they had stood up to quite a few storms over the years.IMG_3539IMG_3541

It is hard to not rush things when you are about to hunt an old site but we took a few moments to look around before gearing up for what was to be a great day. I waited for Warren as to let him choose what area he wanted to go to before I set off towards some old trees just to the side of the old ruin. Instantly  the CTX 3030 screamed out and a solid 12:36 tone ID was on the screen, a quick dig and out came a nice early 1898 South Australian dog tag. It was a good start but I quickly realised that the occupier of the house must have loved shooting with the next 10 or so targets all being either spent shotgun cartridge ends or something else to do with a bullet of some description. I moved from this area and started to get some interesting finds with the first being a really neat buckle made by Bent & Parker who formed a partnership at Harper’s Hill Works, Northwood Street, Birmingham in 1863. In 1900 they Incorporated as a limited company became known for whistle making before in 1914 they became government contractors, manufacturers of military ornaments, badges, buckles, buttons, helmet and belt furniture. They also by this time employed 200 to 300 people. So it could very well be of military origin.3

There was again a flow of shotgun casings before a solid 12:45 grabbed my attention as I automatically expected coin of some description but instead it was another interesting relic that had Cameo Cigarettes on it. I am unsure as to what it is but it looks like it could have been a wheel off of some type of advertising prop. Cameo Cigarettes were also formed in the late 1800’s so I am unsure of a date.IMG_35488

There was a steady flow of coins and relics throughout the day with the best being an 1883 Victoria shilling that was along the edge of the old road probably right where someone parked their horse & buggy. It always amazes me how fast time goes and it seemed like only a few hours but with the temperature dropping we realised that the short winter day was upon us and it was time to head off.IMG_3550101415

Until my next adventure I wish you all well and happy hunting, remember to fill your holes.

To Dig Or Not To Dig Pt4

I wasnt sure if this was now becoming addictive or an obsession, either way it is great fun and day 4 was no exception with some interesting finds.I had an early job around the Port Adelaide area which is also one of the oldest parts of Adelaide so I hit a park for about an hour before heading back to the other park that I have been hunting in. The day started off with a nice deep 12:44 tone ID as the CTX 3030 screamed at me almost insisting that it was a good target. I dug down and from about 12 inches out came a somewhat ugly 1806 George III penny that not only has someone driven a nail through it but the ground had been most unkind turning it into the ugly duckling. I also had quite a bit of time today to just zone out and dig as much as I could in search of a gold ring. Just thought I would mention I have been using the Minelab CTX 3030 coupled to the Coiltek 10 x 5 coil which i find to be lethal for this kind of hunting.

I also pulled a couple of small silvers from this park and if you look at the lump of rusty iron that came out of the same hole as a threepence proving just how good the separation of the Minelab CTX 3030 is, pretty impressive. It was now back to the other park to continue my experiment of digging everything. Day 4 = no gold rings, no silver rings, not even a junker, pennies and half pennies, spending money, heaps of dope pipes/cones, really cool 1902 Coronation year medal and heaps of junk. Where oh where are these damn park gold rings ?


Coronation year 1902 Queen Alexandra & King Edward medal that I can’t find one the same anywhere although there are many like it.89

Happy hunting all and I will be back at it again next week until then good luck.

To Dig Or Not To Dig Pt3

Day 3 found me with more time and more determined to painstakingly dig everything so I scanned the park for one of the oldest trees and got to work. The CTX 3030 sounded like and old Pacman video game with multiple tones screaming at me from what felt like every inch of the ground, it now was feeling like a very daunting task. I got into a bit of a zone and just kept plugging away as minutes became hours until before i knew it half a day had passed. Day 4 = no gold rings, no silver rings, a couple of junk rings, quite a few pennies and half pennies, 5 silver coins (well 4 and a half to be technical), couple of buttons (one a South Australian railway), the usual spending money and heaps of junk.IMG_3417IMG_3415IMG_3418IMG_3419

At this point I am really wondering where the hell all the gold rings could be, oh well never mind I’m sure it is only a matter of time. Happy hunting all and just remember you are only one swing away from a great find.

To Dig Or Not To Dig Pt2

I stepped it up on Day 2 with my experiment (in search of park gold) and dug almost every tone (still not consistant on the low tones) until I couldn’t handle it anymore. Result = No gold ring, no silver rings, some spending money a 1942 sixpence & threepence, 1877 half penny and plenty of crap. Sorry about the blurred picture of the junk. IMG_3391IMG_3395IMG_3393

As you can see a lot of these coins have been in ground for a long time and masked by the trash. It was a fun couple of hours happy hunting all and keep that coil low.

To Dig Or Not To Dig Pt1

Over the years I have done a lot of park detecting and only pulled a handful of gold rings  but I often see on forums how other people go to a park and find quite a few gold rings. Over the years it has left me either questioning the validity of their finds or that they were just really lucky detecorists. To be fair I do find a lot of silver rings as I tend to target the higher conductive coins and relics. The one thing these people have said is you have to dig all the low tones  so I  decided to put this theory to the test. Over the next few months I am going to hit one park that is still really busy and  dates back to the first settlement of Adelaide and endeavour to dig everything. It may take me even longer but I cant wait to see what I come up with.

I started off just hitting all the tone ID’s above 12:20 on the CTX 3030 with the occasional low tone just to get started as I loath low tones which usually equal ring pulls,foil and mostly all the other worthless crap you can imagine.

Day 1 = No gold rings just one silver ring, petrol money and a few interesting finds including a sixpence and an 1825 -1827 George IV half penny, unfortunately with no date .


Happy hunting all make sure you fill your holes remove rubbish and protect this great hobby. Dont be like the greedy people who just damage everything and leave their rubbish behind in their haste to get to the next target.